I’m Jeanette

I am a life enthusiast, personal growth expert, and Women’s Empowerment Coach and Mentor with a passion for mamahood, self-love, and self-care. I empower mamas to celebrate the skin they’re in and give them the tools and framework necessary to live the lives they crave.

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The time for feeling overwhelmed is over. This is your moment to THRIVE mama! Today is the day to RECLAIM your power through self love and self care. It starts here.

XO, Jeanette
  • “Jeanette's enthusiasm, energy, compassion and positive outlook towards life is infectious and electrifying. When you meet her, you exactly know what I mean. I always leave my sessions with her feeling more empowered and encouraged to achieve what I strive for and at the same time feeling more proud of my own journey in becoming who I am today. I call that the "Jeanette effect".”

    Devyani Sharma
  • “Jeanette is one of the most positive and inspiring women I know. Her coaching is grounded in radical love, acceptance, and truth. As so many mamas struggle to accept their post partum bodies, I can’t say enough about the work that Jeanette is doing in the world. She empowers you to really transform your relationship with you body, deepening your love of self and how you show up in the world as both a woman and a mother. I can’t think of more important work that every mother needs! If you are looking for an incredible guide to take you there, you must work with Jeanette!”

    Jessica Yarbrough

Confident, Sexy, and Free

Fast Track to Self Love and Well Being

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  • “It is impossible to not be affected by Jeanette's enthusiasm and passion. Her energy is contagious! Working with Jeanette will leave you feeling empowered and energized. But most importantly supported. Jeanette has the unique ability to believe in your success and invest wholly as you work to accomplish your goals.”

    Laurie Borrett

"Today is the day you step into a new phase of mamahood - get ready for enhanced energy, confidence, and balance. THIS is your moment to THRIVE mama."

  • “Jeanette is not only an empowered mama, but a vector for positivity. When I met Jeanette for the first time last year, I was struck by her love of life and commitment to supporting others. She did after all, talk me through a frustrating afternoon, with compassion, humor and love. Jeanette has a unique ability to deeply connect with others, and has spot-on insight into motherhood, womanhood, and the importance of living authentically in each moment.”

    Linda Illingworth
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