Take Back Control of Your Calendar in the next 60 days so you can have time to workout, rest, lose weight, and still have a social life!

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Calling all high achieving, powerhouse women!

Now is YOUR chance to take back control of your calendar so you can THRIVE both professionally and personally while learning from an expert in prioritization, joyful living, conscious boundaries, and well being.

Now is YOUR time to live in your optimal energy, meet your body goals, easefully maintain work-life balance, and wake up inspired each morning.

It is time to own your life like the lady boss that you are!

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and ready to release exhaustion, overwhelm, and the do-it-all-yourself methodology and then pay attention hun. You are about to realize that that time is over and that you are about to emerge into a world of….

The energetic, vibrant, passionate, inspired, supported, well-rested woman!

What you need to get there is someone like you, someone who has been in your shoes and who has decided to SHOW you how she’s:

  • Learned to balance work with the other joys of life
  • Arranged her life to include daily workouts
  • Is a highly successful leader in wellness and coaching teams with over 14 years of experience facilitating growth and transformation
  • Someone who lives a life of balance, focus, and joy
  • As well as a woman who UNDERSTANDS how to navigate the juggling act of having a fulfilling partnership, practicing conscious parenting, all while maintaining a satisfying and highly demanding career.

So, trust me, I get it and soon you will get access to this AMAZING training I have put together for YOU. A program that will allow you to take back control of your calendar, reclaim your self-care, and give you proprietary tools to have you waking up refreshed and inspired.

I know, it’s exciting but before I get too deep into that, allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Jeanette Pearson. I am a life-enthusiast driven by my unique blend of passions for motherhood, self-care, empowering women, transformation, conscious partnership, living on purpose, and my innate love for cultivating community.

Perhaps, like you, I had no intention of letting my self-care needs slide by the wayside after having my daughter. Well, I can tell you right now that it did anyway. I found myself in pain, snapping at my husband, and feeling sorry for myself. I scheduled time to take care of me and everything shifted. I became a better mother, wife, and more inspired woman. Then, perhaps like you, when I went back to working full time, I let it slip again and I bet you know what happened…. Again…. Yes, I found myself in pain, snapping at my husband, feeling inconvenienced by everything, and feeling sorry for myself. It was at that point that I decided that I would do things differently. I decided to take back control of my calendar because like you, I knew there had to be another way.

Soon after, I discovered there were many women out there, just like us, who need what we know.

  • “ It is impossible to not be affected by Jeanette's enthusiasm and passion. Her energy is contagious! Working with Jeanette will leave you feeling empowered and energized. But most importantly supported. Jeanette has the unique ability to believe in your success and invest wholly as you work to accomplish your goals.”

    Laurie Borrett, Military Wife and Mother
  • “Jeanette Pearson is an embodiment of empowerment! From running yoga studios to running marathons, while also being an amazing mom to her daughter, Skyrah, and a loving partner to husband Mark, Jeanette gracefully models success. A success that is rooted in the joys of imperfect Motherhood, of nurturing self care and of honoring her own self worth. And, she does it all with a great big smile on her face and a wide, open heart in her chest. What would our planet look like if all Mamas were Empowered like this? Jeanette is here to show & lead the way.”

    Cara Cadwallader, Empowerment Coach and Mother

These women, much like you and I, have struggled with…

  • Having so much to do in their day to day
  • Extreme and Relentless Exhaustion
  • Discontent with their Weight
  • Maintaining a gym membership they seldom use
  • Perpetual Inconvenienced
  • Consistently Overwhelmed

…this list could go on forever.

I know, because, like you, I have been there.

You are a high-achieving powerhouse woman. You value taking care of yourself, enjoy social time with your girlfriends, and being present for your partner and your children. You are also busy and let’s be honest, you are ready to UPLEVEL your self care routine, wake up feeling refreshed, release that pesky 5 to 15 pounds on your body, and renew some electric passion with your partner and you are ready to put it on the fast track.

Well babe, now is YOUR time to take back control of your calendar and THRIVE!

After tweaking, testing, and fine-tuning strategies to reclaim my own calendar, I have created the ideal system that is perfect for a powerful professional woman just like you.

Whether you are looking to break free of those pesky pounds in the way of you and your skinny jeans, create enhanced connection with your friends and family or……

You are looking to DOMINATE both professionally and personally.

Perhaps you have realized that your life does not match the life you see yourself living.

Whether you’re struggling with your weight, sleep, feeling over-committed, or craving work-life balance, this program is here for you.

DISCLAIMER: This program is an investment. If you are not willing or ready to invest in the life you want to live, then it probably won’t be right for you.


  • “Jeanette is a Beacon of light, always sharing her positivity and energy with the community while creating a tribe of emboldened and inspired people in her wake. Whether it is through yoga or empowering moms she encourages and guides others to see the best in themselves and every situation. When I feel unsure she is there to teach me ways to build and improve upon myself, giving me the courage to be my best self. She intuitively sees within each person what it is that they need and she supportively fosters that growth. After having my daughter she has become someone who I can trust for advice, guidance and encouragement. Jeanette selflessly acts as a champion for others and everyone needs and deserves someone like that in their life.”

    Tanya-Lynn Hancock, Powerhouse Mama
  • “Jeanette is one of the most positive and inspiring women I know. Her coaching is grounded in radical love, acceptance, and truth. As so many mamas struggle to accept their post partum bodies, I can’t say enough about the work that Jeanette is doing in the world. She empowers you to really transform your relationship with you body, deepening your love of self and how you show up in the world as both a woman and a mother. I can’t think of more important work that every mother needs! If you are looking for an incredible guide to take you there, you must work with Jeanette!”

    Jessica Yarbrough

Now, Allow ME to Tell You a Bit About the Program I Created for YOU!

Take Control of Your Calendar and THRIVE

8 Week Group Coaching Program

Within this Digitally Delivered, 8 Week Training, You’ll Find:

Module 1: Transform Your Relationship to Time

  • Revamp your relationship with Time
  • Master the process of identifying goals
  • Confidently Prioritize Health, Social Life, and family

Module 2: Power of Self Care

  • Integrate the Power of Success Tracking
  • Identify what Fuels your Energy and Focus
  • Identify Building Blocks of a Balanced Lifestyle

Module 3: Find Your Voice

  • Learn to be a Time Generator
  • Confidently Communicate Your Needs, Wants and Desires
  • Master the art of Delegation

Module 4: Find Ease in Urgency

  • Reimagined To-Do Lists
  • Master the Art of Prioritization
  • Confidently Make Decisions that Propel You Toward Your Goals

Module 5: Peak Performance: Energy and Focus Unleashed

  • Learn to Generate Energy and Focus at Will
  • Reduce Stress and Enhance Optimal Efficiency
  • Increased Sense of Presence, Energy, and Focus

Module 6: Energy and Joy Unleashed

  • Wake Up feeling Refreshed
  • Uplevel Your Ability to Embrace Fun and Joy
  • Increase the Quality of Your Sleep

Module 7: Vision Into Action – Part 1

  • Confidently Implement Goal Setting Techniques Affirm and Envision
  • Learn to Create Laser Focused Vision and Put it into action
  • Engage Powerfully in Future Focused Vision

Module 8: Vision Into Action – Part 2

  • Become a Master of Rewarding Yourself
  • Create More Time by Artfully Managing your Energy and Focus
  • Confidently Create an Action Plan that is Empowering, Fun, and Life Enhancing

Throughout this training, you’ll begin to uncover and unravel the exact process I have used and have taught my clients to take back control of their calendars so they can live life with more efficiency, energy, vibrancy, rest, and relaxation than they ever thought imaginable!

This detail rich, intensive, 8 Week Group Program was Developed for a High achieving, powerful woman just like you…

…by someone who understands where you’ve been, where you want to be and how you want optimize your effectiveness to enjoy your life more fully.

Get the

Take Control of Your Calendar

8 Week Group Coaching Program

Starting February 7th, 2018

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ONLY $495

  • “Jeanette is one of a kind. Her enthusiasm for life and for motherhood is contagious. As a student at her yoga studio, I rearrange my schedule so that I may attend her classes. Aside from being a gifted instructor, Jeanette knows exactly what to say to motivate and coach her students to dig deeper to explore their bodies, their spirit, and their lives; sometimes with a gem of wisdom and other times with a hilarious one liner.  I am thrilled to support her mission to shift the paradigm for mothers to practice better self-care, find empowerment, and authentically enjoy motherhood.”

    Jill Cooley, Ph.D.  Licensed Psychologist, Parent Coach, and Mama
  • “Jeanette's influence in my community, in my own life, and all those she comes in contact with is truly one of a kind. She has a skill to immediately turn your day around with her positive energy in as simple as a "Hello". I would describe her as having a zest for life that is contagious and magnetic! As I've recently embarked on the incredible journey of becoming a mama, Jeanette has been a constant light of encouragement, support and an incredible resource. She is someone who willingly and openly shares her own experiences in an honest, authentic and empowering way and listen to your own experiences free of comparison and judgment. This has been such a breath of fresh air for me as I enter a new phase of my life. I love knowing I have a woman like Jeanette who is in my corner rooting me on!”

    Lisa Fletcher, Mother, Special Needs Advocate

If you’ve been yearning for more sleep, regular workouts and massages, more control over your social calendar, and are ready to own your calendar like the BOSS that you are…

…it’s time to step into your brilliance and discover the keys to managing your energy and focus.

I know, after going through this training and implementing the systems and steps, all laid out in an easy to follow formula, you will begin to develop the work-life balance you can feel great about.

Ultimately, it’s about creating the opportunity to come fully alive.

I don’t have to tell you, you already know what to do next.

Take this program and watch what happens!

Although I cannot guarantee your results, I can guarantee that this program WILL deliver all the training, supplemental material, and guidance I laid out above.

You can guarantee your access to this program by clicking the button below, making a small, one time investment of $395 on the next page and gain unlimited access to the training you’ve been looking for…

Sign up now to reserve your space in the group training Program that begins on February 7th, 2018 and start shaping the lifestyle you deserve to be living!

Special FOUNDERS Group Pricing Only $395 available through December 24th

  • “I've never met a coach as enthusiastic about what she does as Jeanette. Her energy, strength, and connection is infectious. She will turn your crappy day into laughter and possibilities. Jeanette embodies the qualities of feminine power, strength, sensitivity, and dedication and has an unwavering commitment to empower other women in living lives enriched with self-care and self-love. Jeanette always makes sure I'm feeling supported in my journey. She is not only is she an amazing coach but a stellar friend and human being.”

    Marisol Gramlich
  • “Jeanette Pearson is a force of nature! She is the true definition of motivating--and it always done with care, compassion, and a huge smile on her face because that's who she is! Jeanette sees the big picture and works to empower women to become the best version of themselves that they can be. She is the real deal!”

    Lisa McCall

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll?

Enrollment is now open. The first training will be digitally delivered to you on February 7th. The program will run through March 28th, 2018.

How will this content be delivered?

This is group training program will be digitally delivered to you each week of the training. We will meet virtually for two live group Q & A Calls. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live calls, you will have access to the recordings and will be able to submit your questions prior to the calls if you are not able to make it to ensure your specific inquiries are addressed.

I’m a new mom getting ready to go back to work, is this program right for me?

YES! This program is specifically designed to set you up for optimal work-life balance ideal for your upcoming reintegration. In it you will learn how to prioritize and optimize your time both at work and home so you can increase your energy and focus, work out regularly, and enjoy time with your children and partner, all while maintaining a social life.

I am a high achieving woman although I am not a mother, will I get value from the content?

Unless you wake up everyday feeling inspired and refreshed, feel that you have an optimal work-life balance, and have all necessary structures in place to support you in taking exquisite care of yourself then you need this program.  In it, you will learn how to find 5 hours in your weekly schedule for self-care, effectively prioritize and delegate, relieve stress, make space for fun, use relaxation techniques to promote restful sleep, and create an actionable plan to meet your personal and professional goals.

Will I have the opportunity to get my questioned answered?

Yes! There will be two training calls where Jeanette will open up for Q & A and give on the spot support. If you aren’t able to make the live calls, just submit your questions prior to the call.

Will this program be offered again later in the year?

Yes although it will not be offered at this price or level of support again so take advantage of the February group special and save a hundred dollars today!

If you have questions, please contact Jeanette Pearson at info@jeanettepearson.com to start the conversation or schedule a call now to see if this program is right for you.