If you are an overwhelmed mama aching to live a life of balance, beauty, confidence, energy, and joy then you are in the right place!

You CAN be a mama AND be SUPER sexy, confident, magnetic, and energized.

I am here to give you the tools to feel confident, sexy, powerful, balanced, and energetic.

Here you are today, you birthed a beautiful child and it left you desperately trying to meet up with your physical expectations, struggling to fit into your jeans, all while feeling beyond tired, wildly out-of balance, guilty about everything, and at a loss for how to access the celebration of your body and your life.

Let’s face it. You’re overwhelmed. You’re tired of hiding from your own reflection and comparing yourself incessantly to other women. You are ashamed about letting yourself go…. and about not using your gym membership. You feel massive pressures to take care of everyone else and extreme guilt when it comes to taking care of yourself. Oh…. and you’re exhausted. I know the feeling because I have been there mama.

That is how I know that NOW is the time to reclaim your identity as a WOMAN and as a MOTHER.

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The time for feeling overwhelmed is over. This is your moment to THRIVE mama. Today is the day to RECLAIM your power through self love and self care. It starts here.

XO, Jeanette

With over 30 years of experience in a physical body, it has known many forms.

My Journey Through Physical Transformation:

  • The Unfit Body.
  • The Yoga Body.
  • The Runner Body.
  • The Get’n Ready for Baby aka. Gaining 20 Pounds QUICKLY Body.
  • Pregnant Body (I was THRILLED in this rendition!).
  • Postpartum Body (the struggle was REAL)

It was not an easy journey to transform physically so dramatically. The process had me dig through my self doubt, overwhelm, guilt, or my shame. As I reflect on my post postpartum experience specifically, I wish I would have had someone to share tools with me to transcend through all that pain. After doing this work, I can say that I feel more powerful, energetic, sexy, and joyful than I ever have and yes, I am a mother of a one year old baby!

Through all my learnings and my successes of being a woman, mother, a passionate leader, and coach, I found my deeper calling……

To support overwhelmed mamas in living their lives with enhanced levels of confidence, balance, joy, passion, and freedom.

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Confident, Sexy, and Free

Fast Track to Self Love and Well Being

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My story:

Throughout my life, I have been passionate about transformation and although the root of my interest has been consistent, this passion took on many forms.

Professionally, this passion took me from traveling the world as a glaciologist, to a maintaining a successful yoga career for over 14 years, establishing a thriving coaching practice, and successfully managing powerful teams of professionals for multiple companies one could see this journey as rather eclectic.

Physically, my body is like a yo-yo – up 10 pounds, down 5 pounds. I always wavered. Until 2011 that is, when I started running – a LOT. I lost a lot of weight, appeared tremendously fit, and was WILDLY out of balance. Keeping at a consistent weight was always at top of mind. At that time, being fit came first. Come 2013, when my husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby, I needed to gain weight – 20 pounds of it to be exact. Emotionally, this was like a wrecking ball. Smashing through all that I thought was important – defined abs, small muscular thighs…. I was wrecked. And the feedback from people was agonizing. During this time, countless people congratulated me on my pregnancy…. and no, I wasn’t pregnant. I would come home and cry…. weep really.

That is when I started my journey towards self love and empowered self communication and it was a game changer. For me, I knew that if I wanted to bring a baby into the world, I wanted to love myself, my body, and my life to make space for their soul to be welcomed into the world.

Fast forward a couple years of self work, growth, and a LOT of scheduled sex, we were blessed to get pregnant. I did not know how the physical transitions of pregnancy were going to go for me emotionally although as it turned out, I embraced it! The curves, the shifts….. the and the BOOBS! I feel blessed to say that I was fortunate to have experienced my body as sexy, powerful, feminine, and strong throughout the pregnancy experience…. it was a magical time for me!

42 Weeks and 1 day later, I gave birth to my extraordinary daughter, Skyrah, and became a mother.

Little did I know that my experience as a transformation enthusiast would not hold a candle to my biggest  transformation to date:

My transformation from a woman to a mother.

Here’s what I was not expecting – how I would feel in my body and life after delivery! My hips felt loose, my belly felt flabby, my boobs felt heavy and lopsided, and I just felt…. rounder. No one talked to me about it. I felt lonely, unsure, and overwhelmed. I also wanted desperately to be able to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans. It was like an impossible goal that I was committed to meeting. As a passionate mover and a shaker, my weight went back to pre pregnancy levels although my body was not the same and I was ashamed of it. I would avoid my reflection, hide my tummy in photos. No doubt about it, my body image was in the way of me living a powerful and joyful life. I felt disconnected to my sexuality. I felt deeply guilty when I would compare how I looked compared to my mama friends like it was a competition.

That is when I knew my body image was ruling the show – AGAIN. Noticing that allowed me to see all the places motherhood had swung me off balance….. I was overwhelmed, tired, trying to do it all, be it all, and totally unsure of how to dig myself out of this overwhelm spiral.

I dove back into my transformation toolkit and redirected the way my life was going and in doing so, I created a program specifically designed to support overwhelmed mamas in accessing confidence, passion, vibrancy, well-being, and joy.

It was a bumpy, tear soaked, postpartum ride until I came out the other side!

Today, I CELEBRATE myself as a confident, powerful, sexy, joyful, and energized woman and mother (and no, I didn’t need to change my body to do it.) I feel balanced and able to serve my baby and family abundantly with a version of myself that is both empowered and conscious.

Looking back, I can see how much having someone to support me in celebrating my new body and life could have been…… someone to give me the tools to overcome the overwhelm spiral and emotional roller coaster of mom life.

I now wake up confident, empowered, and joyful everyday. My laundry is done (most of the time 😉 ). My dishes are washed. I am well rested. I am able to CELEBRATE moments with my family. I ask for support when I need it. Most importantly, I am more present, effective, efficient, and fulfilled.

Through all my learnings and my successes around navigating being a woman, mother, a passionate leader, and coach, I found my deeper calling……

To support overwhelmed mamas in living their lives with enhanced levels of confidence, balance, joy, passion, and freedom.

I share my story with you so that you know that it IS possible to love your body and your life again.


Now is the time to reclaim your identity as a woman and a mother. And I’m here to help.


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