• “Jeanette is one of a kind. Her enthusiasm for life and for motherhood is contagious. As a student at her yoga studio, I rearrange my schedule so that I may attend her classes. Aside from being a gifted instructor, Jeanette knows exactly what to say to motivate and coach her students to dig deeper to explore their bodies, their spirit, and their lives; sometimes with a gem of wisdom and other times with a hilarious one liner. I am thrilled to support her mission to shift the paradigm for mothers to practice better self-care, find empowerment, and authentically enjoy motherhood.”

    Jill Cooley, Ph.D.
    Licensed Psychologist, Parent Coach, and Mama
  • Jeanette is not only an empowered mama, but a vector for positivity. When I met Jeanette for the first time last year, I was struck by her love of life and commitment to supporting others. She did after all, talk me through a frustrating afternoon, with compassion, humor and love. Jeanette has a unique ability to deeply connect with others, and has spot-on insight into
    motherhood, womanhood, and the importance of living authentically in each moment.

    Linda Illingworth
    Sports Nutritionist and Mama
  • “Jeanette is one of the most positive and inspiring women I know. Her coaching is grounded in radical love, acceptance, and truth. As so many mamas struggle to accept their post partum bodies, I can’t say enough about the work that Jeanette is doing in the world. She empowers you to really transform your relationship with you body, deepening your love of self and how you show up in the world as both a woman and a mother. I can’t think of more important work that every mother needs! If you are looking for an incredible guide to take you there, you must work with Jeanette!”

    Jessica Yarbrough
    Momprenuer Coach and Single Mama
  • “Jeanette has a brilliant way of navigating the overwhelming experience of motherhood to one of energy, passion, and celebration. She is passionate about balance, self care, and self love and leads by example. I highly recommend working with Jeanette if are longing to live with enhanced self-confidence, fall in love with your changing body, or navigating the balance of motherhood, femininity, and freedom.”

    Jen Barnett
    Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Mother of two
  • “Jeanette has a gift of always make me feel supported and cherished. Her positive energy is infectious, vital, and makes me smile. I am honored to have known her before and after mamahood and I love and admire how she cherishes and enjoys her little one and how she has met the challenges of working, growing AND having an infant. Being a new mama felt very isolating for me so I have loved watching the way Jeanette connects with and supports the mamas around her. She generously shares herself and her beautiful passion for life through the motherhood journey. My only regret is that I didn’t know her in this capacity when my kids were little!”

    Krista Percival
    Yoga Professional and Mama
  • “Jeanette is phenomenal! She wears many hats and no one can do it better than her. She is a beyond awesome yoga and boot camp instructor, woman empowerment coach and mentor, and last and the most important, an awesome mama to a beautiful baby girl! Her enthusiasm, her energy and her compassion and positive outlook towards life is infectious and electrifying. You exactly know what I mean if you have taken her classes. I always leave feeling more empowered and encouraged to achieve what I strive for and at the same time feeling more proud of my own journey in becoming who I am today. I call that the “Jeanette effect”. I am so honored and blessed to be knowing her!”

    Devyani Sharma
    Engineer and Mama
  • “It is impossible to not be affected by Jeanette’s enthusiasm and passion. Her energy is contagious! Working with Jeanette will leave you feeling empowered and energized. But most importantly supported. Jeanette has the unique ability to believe in your success and invest wholly as you work to accomplish your goals.”

    Laurie Borrett
    Yoga Professional and Mama
  • “I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeanette for a few years now. Her passion and zest for life was evident the first time she taught my yoga class. I thought, what person is THIS happy all of the time? I knew the minute she said “the bomb dot com,” that she was my kind of girl. She is funny, yet authentic and REAL. I had been going through some health struggles which manifested as stress and anxiety. Jeanette was not only empowering as my yoga teacher, but also as a friend and mentor. We often talked through my struggles, and she always inspired me to keep my chin up and move forward.

    Her passion as a new mom is infectious. I admired how she took care of her body during her pregnancy and continued to teach yoga with her cute baby bump. She continues to nourish her mind, body and soul in order to be the best mother, friend, coach and teacher. Motherhood is her priority, and she has a passion for spreading her knowledge about the struggles and joys of being a mom.

    Jeanette is a soul sister, and I’m fortunate to be blessed with her friendship.”

    Michelle Hill
    Intuitive Boss Mama
  • “Jeanette has been a constant dose of positivity in my life. She spreads light and creativity everywhere she goes. The way she chooses to greet the world each day has taught me to embrace each moment for its beauty. Jeanette sees the best in me and has helped me live up to my potential. You can’t help but feel empowered in her presence!”

    Beth Easton
    Yoga Professional and Mama
  • “Jeanette Pearson is an embodiment of empowerment!
    From running yoga studios to running marathons, while also being an amazing mom to daughter Skyrah and a loving partner to husband Mark, Jeanette gracefully models success. A success that is rooted in the joys of imperfect Motherhood, of nurturing self care and of honoring her own self worth.
    And, she does it all with a great big smile on her face and a wide, open heart in her chest.
    What would our planet look like if all Mamas were Empowered like this? Jeanette is here to show & lead the way. ❤”

    Cara Cadwallader
    Coach and Mama
  • “Jeanette is a Beacon of light, always sharing her positivity and energy with the community while creating a tribe of emboldened and inspired people in her wake. Whether it is through yoga or empowering moms she encourages and guides others to see the best in themselves and every situation. When I was pregnant with my daughter she helped me to gain confidence in myself by supporting and inspiring me to be my healthiest self through yoga. When I felt unsure she was there to teach me ways to build and improve upon myself, giving me the courage to be my best self. She intuitively sees within each person what it is that they need and she supportively fosters that growth. After having my daughter she has become someone who I can trust for advice, guidance and encouragement. Jeanette selflessly acts as a champion for others and everyone needs and deserves someone like that in their life.”

    Tanya-Lynn Hancock
    Boss Mama
  • “Jeanette is one of the most positive and inspiring woman I’ve met! She encouraged me throughout my pregnancy to take care of myself physically and mentally so I could love my preggo-self and body as well as be a healthy vessel to carry my little one in! Because of her coaching in classes and friendship, I maintained a healthy body and mind throughout my pregnancy which led to an easier postpartum experience! She always made me feel excited and empowered for motherhood to come!”

    Miranda Sprague
    Professional Blogger and Stay at Home Mama
  • “Jeanette is a powerhouse. A beautiful, radiant force of nature. Her abundant energy is refreshing and inspiring. Jeanette is a loving friend, a warm hug, and an honest adviser. It is so obvious how deeply she cares for her students and friends. She will make you smile, laugh, and wonder how you can uncover a similar passion for life in your own world. Jeanette is a diamond in the rough and will undoubtedly make a lasting mark on your heart.”

    Jessica Cavanaugh
    Lawyer, Wife, Mother of Many
  • “Jeanette is by far the most inspiring, empowering, and positive person I’ve ever known. She absolutely beams with infectious joy at all moments. I have felt so uplifted, supported, so seen and so appreciated by her in our time together. It is a real rarity to come across someone that lives their beliefs, and Jeanette is one of those special few. She has a life and a disposition worth emulating. I feel so honored to have learned from her- how to love myself just as I am, how to be in love with life itself, how to show up authentically, and how to love others powerfully and gracefully. It is so refreshing to be in the presence of another mama who doesn’t shame herself or greive her pre-motherhood body, who embraces her radiance and delights in the strength of her body, who relentlessly chooses joy. What I have gained from her I will treasure always.”

    Darcy Cantrell
    Yoga Professional and Mama
  • “Jeanette has fire and passion in her blood for helping others. She always has a smile on her face no matter what the situation. And after a conversation with her you feel uplifted and just absorb her zest for life. It’s contagious! I think that her journey as a mother has been the most fantastic thing to witness. And I have learned a lot about myself in watching her share her victories and struggles in mamahood. I feel blessed and lucky to know someone as spunky and energetic as Jeanette.”

    Jeanette Geagea Street
    Nurse and Mama
  • “Jeanette Pearson has been the greatest friend, mentor, sister, boss, influence, and angel of my life. She found me at a very low point in my life and helped guide me to my career and path. From her bright light and inspiration I have become a better mother, teacher and human being. I greatly look up to her and admire how strong and kind she is. Jeanette has been by my side and loved me through dark times. Wise beyond her years. Practices non-judgement and equality to all. I feel blessed to have her in my life. If you are in need of any type of support or guidance..Jeanette will be there for you 110%. Her heart is of gold and she is a vessel of spreading awareness and evolvement on this earth! Jeanette Pearson is an empowered mama and will help anyone who wants to be the same.”

    Kristin Lovett
    Fitness Professional and Single Mama
  • “Jeanette Pearson is a force of nature! She is the true definition of motivating–and it always done with care, compassion, and a huge smile on her face because that’s who she is! Jeanette sees the big picture and works to empower women to become the best version of themselves that they can be. She is the real deal!”

    Lisa McCall
    Self Care Enthusiast and Mama
  • “Jeanette has been a great support for me through out both my pregnancies. Whether it be providing me with pregnancy options during our workouts, suggesting resources, to just being an ear to listen and share with, I am happy meeting with her is a part of my weekly routine.”

    Kelly Austin
    Naturopathic Doctor, CEO Prime Wellness, and Mama
  • “I am honored and SO excited to share my testimonial about Jeanette Pearson!! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jeanette and be in her amazing presence at the Yoga Six studio in 4S Ranch for the past 3 years! Jeanette’s influence in this community, in my own life, and all those she comes in contact with is truly one of a kind. She is the kind of person that can immediately turn your day around with her positive energy in as simple as a “Hello” when you walk in the door. I would describe her as having a zest for life that is simply contagious and someone that you can’t help but just want to be around! As, I’ve recently embarked on the incredible journey of becoming a mama, Jeanette has been a constant light of encouragement, support and an incredible resource in so many ways. She is someone who is always willing to openly share her own experiences in an honest, authentic and empowering way and listen to your own experiences free of comparison and judgement. This is such a breath of fresh air for myself, who is entering a world of unknown, yet knowing I have a woman like Jeanette in my corner always rooting me on!”

    Lisa Fletcher
    Special Needs Advocate and Mama
  • “Jeanette is a beautiful human being, inside and out. She’s the kind of person that you meet and immediately want to get to know. Working with her is like talking to a great friend, who also isn’t scared to challenge you and ask the tough questions that can enable you to be your best self. She helps you look at your self limiting beliefs that may be getting in the way of your desired life. She walks the talk and is brave enough to put herself out in the world as a role model to other women and mothers. I’m grateful to know this beautiful person.”

    Jill Rafia
    Coach and Mama
  • “I’ve never met a coach as enthusiastic about what she does as Jeanette. Her energy, strength, and connection is infectious. She will turn your crappy day into laughter and possibilities. Jeanette embodies the qualities of feminine power, strength, sensitivity, and dedication and has an unwavering commitment to empower other women in living lives enriched with self-care and self-love. Jeanette always makes sure I’m feeling supported in my journey. She is not only is she an amazing coach but a stellar friend and human being”

    Marisol Gramlich
    Personal Trainer and Mother of Two

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